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Technicks Solution Limited,
Spa Road,
Stamp End,

Telephone: 01522 542520

We always respond to any enquiry within three business days and usually much faster than that. If you have any complaint, wish to report abuse or want to contact us without using the above form please email us on [email protected], or call us on 01522 542520.

Along with websites, we also manage and look after our customer’s domain names. We encourage the use of .uk domain names, as we are a UK business and so are all of our clients. If, for some reason you are not happy with the way we manage your domains, you are able to escalate your enquiry directly with Nominet, who are the authority for .uk domain names. For details on their complaints procedure please click here. You need to be aware that by having a .uk domain name, you are agreeing to Nominet’s term and conditions. We always invoice domain names three months before their expiry date. If, for some reason, domain names remain unpaid after this time, you can expect to lose them.

We do not have a control panel for you to manage your domains directly, as all our customers are dealt with on a face to face basis. Nominet are very particular about the quality of their data, so the best way to confirm it on their behalf, is to meet you at your place of work. We do not look after domains for anyone, unless we know them. We also believe in brand values, your domain name is too valuable to entrust to someone you have not met.

If you need us to do something with regards to your domain, please contact us using the above form, at [email protected] or on 01522 542520. We will normally get back to you straight away, but we shall always aim to have dealt with your enquiry within three business days.

In order to provide complete business continuity, all our employees work for the majority of the time, from home. All our administration and infrastructure systems are operated securely in the cloud and are backed up to our servers, which are located in Manchester, Amsterdam, Stockholm and San Francisco.